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Prof. Dr. Marcello Fidanzio e Prof. Dr. Noam Mizrahi
Sigla: SBCO Semestre primaverile Ects: 3
Il corso si svolgerà in presenza e in lingua inglese.
Obiettivo del corso: the course focuses on the study of the Great Scroll of Isaiah with
regard to the history of the Hebrew language and to philology.
Descrizione del corso: philological analysis of the text of the Great Scroll of Isaiah in
comparison with the other copies of the Isaiah text found in Qumran and with the
textual families of MT and LXX. Selected passages will be studied thoroughly. The
analysis of variants will allow to reflect on the choices made by the scribes who worked
on 1QIsa.
Modalità didattica: lectures, active participation.
Modalità di valutazione: written paper.
Bibliografia essenziale:
• E. ULRICH – P. FLINT, Qumran Cave 1.II: The Isaiah Scrolls (DJD 32; Oxford,
Clarendon Press, 2010);
• Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, K. Ellinger – W. Rudolph eds. (Stuttgart:
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1967-77).

27.02.2024 09.30 – 12.15 e 14.30 – 17.15

28.02.2024 09.30 – 12.15 e 14.30 – 17.15

01.03.2024 09.30 – 12.15 e 14.30 – 17.15

03.03.2024 09.30 – 12.15 e 14.30 – 17.15