Fondazione Goren Monti Ferrari per la promozione del dialogo e la pace nel Mediterraneo e il supporto alla cultura ebraica nella diaspora in Israele e per Israele

Our History

The Goren Monti Ferrari Foundation is a branch of the Cukier Goldstein-Goren Foundation, founded by Avram Goldstein-Goren and Max Cukier in 1972, with which it shares the aims established in the Memorandum of Association.

Among the projects carried out in Israel by the CG-G Fondation, the main ones are the creation of the first building of the BenGurion University in Be'er Sheva, the rehabilitation center in Ra'nana, the Kyriat Shalom Sports Center, the Ulpan in Tel Aviv , the Jewish Studies and Biotechnology centers at BGU, the Diaspora center and the Mind and Language center at TAU. Around the world he has established Judaica centers at New York University, the University of Bucharest and the State University of Milan.

The purposes

Our objectives, in addition to the creation of a "Bridge for Peace in the Mediterranean area", remain the objectives established in the Memorandum of Association of the Cukier Goldstein-Goren Foundation (of 12.27.1971 art. 2): development, support and management of institutions and businesses related to education, culture, literature, art, health, sports and social support of any kind in Israel or for Israel and Jews.

  • Support and development of Israeli universities or faculties in Israel and for Jews in the diaspora;
  • Support and development of hospitals or health services and centers in Israel;
  • Support and development in Israeli community services or centers;
  • Establishment of scholarships or awards to students or researchers in the humanities and in any field of scientific research in Israel or for Jewish students in the diaspora;
  • Publishing books on Jewish thought, Jewish and Israeli history, Jewish and Israeli writers;
  • Donations, inheritances and financing from private individuals (tax exemption Li. N.262.2013) are used for the aforementioned purposes only.

Board of Directors

Micaela Goren Monti

Micaela Goren Monti


Reinhold Wohlwend

Managing director

Mattia Joe Monti

Mattia Joe Monti


Martin Monti

Martin Max Monti


Matilde Monti

Matilde Monti Ferrari


Rudolf Tihany